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  • M.I.A.,

    Watch M.I.A.'s Dystopian 'Seth Meyers' Dance Party

    Lifelong visual artist M.I.A. has put on a number of striking TV performances for her superb late-2013 album Matangi. On the old Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, she showed off the album's most pop-inclined highlight, "Come Walk With Me," backed by the Roots.

  • Neil Young, Jack White, 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

    See Neil Young Make Instant Vinyl in Jack White's Booth on 'Fallon'

    When post-war ads for the Voice-o-Graph machine proclaimed the instant-vinyl device represented "a new and growing field," little did anyone know. Last night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Neil Young used Jack White's refurbished Third Man Records 1947 Voice-o-Graph for one of the more memorable late-night TV musical performances seen lately. The gear allows a person to record up to roughly two minutes straight to vinyl and receive a six-inch record immediately afterward. Here's how Young described the thing to SPIN in March: "[It's] a phone booth. It's all acoustic with a harmonica inside a closed space, with one mic to vinyl ...

  • Neil Young, Jack White, vinyl, 'Tonight Show,' 'Fallon'

    Neil Young and Jack White Will Make a Record Live on 'Fallon'

    Rip up your Guinness Book of World Records. When Neil Young and Jack White come to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, they'll perform and press that one take to vinyl, their host Jimmy Fallon has announced. "Making history tonight," Fallon tweeted. "Neil Young is going to perform and press a vinyl with the help of Jack White live on the show. One take. Fun."Young recorded his new covers album A Letter Home on the refurbished 1947 Voice-o-Graph machine at White's Third Man Records in Nashville. The device can record about two minutes of audio and press it onto a vinyl record. Young's Fallon appearance with White comes after the former White Stripes member recorded and pressed his new "Lazaretto" single in, ahem, record time; White's upcoming album, also titled Lazeretto, will come as a spectacularly packaged piece of vinyl in its own right.Louis C.K.

  • Solange

    Jay Z Attacked by Solange, Video Reportedly Shows

    Turns out Frank Ocean's return to the stage wasn't the only music news out of last week's Met Gala. According to TMZ, the video below is surveillance camera footage showing Jay Z and Beyoncé along with the "XO" singer's sister and talented performer in her own right, Solange. The clip reportedly shows the Saint Heron boss "unleashing a violent attack" on her brother-in-law in an elevator after the May 5 Metropolitan Museum fundraiser in New York, with Beyoncé present. Judge for yourself below. There's little other information at this point, but we'll keep you updated. The two Knowles sisters danced together just last month onstage at Coachella, to Solange's achingly enduring "Losing You."

  • ice cream truck, racist, offensive

    Ice Cream Truck Song Has Appallingly Racist Origins

    The United States' benighted history on matters of race lingers in various subtle and not-so-subtle ways, but it can still be a shock to recall the overtly racist origins of cultural institutions we might otherwise take for granted. NPR has an extensive report on the origins of the jingle that pours from the speakers of many ice cream trucks, and unfortunately it's deeply entangled in America's horrific behavior toward its black residents.Yes, the tune has elements in common with the 19th century standard "Turkey in the Straw," but sadly it came to ice cream trucks via minstrel songs, including one titled (if you wish to avoid racist words and imagery, please stop here) "Nigger Love a Watermelon Ha! Ha!

  • Kenny G, China,

    Kenny G Song Is Mysteriously Everywhere in China

    Every new beginning, it has been said, comes from some other beginning's end. And so, though Kenny G's 1989 hit "Going Home" might not exactly be the type of au courant track that, say, St. Vincent would put on a FACT playlist, it has found new life soundtracking closing time throughout China. As The New York Times reports, the adult-contemporary saxophone slow jam — not to be confused with Mr. Kenneth Gorelick's 1988 tune "Home" — has been played throughout China for years to signal that it's time to, well, go home.A manager of Beijing's Panjiayuan Antiques Market, which plays "Going Home" on a loop in the final hour and a half before shutting its doors, told the Times the store has used Kenny G's track since 2000. The manager couldn't give a reason.

  • music TV shows, 'American Idol,' ratings, age

    Music TV Shows Lose Their Rhythm

    The reign of music TV shows could officially be over. As The New York Times reports, while American Idol was once so popular that it spawned an abundance of other music-based programs, now ratings for even Idol have fallen off hard. And Fox has already canceled another of its talent shows, The X Factor. The rise, spread, and now decline of music shows follows a long pattern for the TV medium, which over the decades has seen Westerns, variety shows, and, most notably, the ABC game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire all become popular only to get run into the ground. But for Idol, which started the careers of Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson, the turnaround in fortunes is especially dramatic.

  • Conor Oberst, 'Upside Down Mountain'

    Conor Oberst Streams Full, Intimate 'Upside Down Mountain' Album

    Conor Oberst's first official solo album since 2008's Conor Oberst, May 20 Nonesuch release Upside Down Mountain, is streaming now over at NPR. He has already shared "Hundreds of Ways" and "Governor's Ball" from the full-length, which features contributions from producer Jonathan Wilson (Father John Misty, Dawes), guitarist Blake Mills (Fiona Apple), and Swedish indie-folk siblings First Aid Kit. The full 11-track set includes the secret weapon "You Are Your Mother's Child," a stripped-down, keenly observed song that could be to contemporary parenthood what Oberst's 2005 Bright Eyes heart-tugger "The First Day of My Life" was to young romantics.Listen here.

  • Neil Young, Jack White, 'Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon,' Kurt Vile

    Jack White and Neil Young Will Send 'A Letter Home' From 'Fallon'

    Neil Young is coming to a Jimmy Fallon TV show — for real this time — and he's bringing along Jack White. On May 12, the iconoclastic Canadian rock icon and the Third Man Records boss will visit The Tonight Show, whose host has a long record of doing Young impressions. Young and White worked together on the former's new album A Letter Home, White is about to put out his hologram-inducing Lazaretto album, and the night's other guest is Louis C.K., so all told the episode will probably leave viewers with plenty to talk about the next morning.Of course, J-Fal isn't the only guy who can do Young. Kurt Vile recently covered "Albuquerque," off 1975's classic Tonight's the Night, on Australian TV show RocKwiz. He's joined by singer Phoebe Baker, from Aussie band Alpine.

  • Michael Jackson,

    Hear Michael Jackson's Vexing 'Do You Know Where Your Children Are'

    Michael Jackson's Xscape album keeps exceeding expectations, and the latest track to surface is mostly welcome, too, though it's still an odd choice for inclusion. From the posthumous, "contemporized" release, due out May 13, we've already heard the aughts-y "Xscape," the disco-buoyed throwback "Love Never Felt So Good," and the anguished Timbaland production "Chicago."  Today Sony is streaming "Do You Know Where Your Children Are," and while both the title and the lyric about a stepfather "sexually abusing" a young girl are jarring given the allegations Jackson faced in his lifetime, the synth-burbling production is a smart upgrade from an earlier version that has been floating around online for a few years.

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