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    Dirty Projectors Release Two Free Singles

    It may be a little while before Dave Longstreth and pals get around to releasing a proper follow-up to last year's much panted-over breakthrough Bitte Orca. But it seems they have a recession-friendly plan in place to keep their fans on board. Vinyl enthusiasts will be pleased to learn that the 7-inch single for Bitte outtakes "Ascending Melody" and "Emblem of the World" is out today via Domino Records' Web site, but for those who can't wait – or simply can't afford to shell out a few bucks – the songs are available as free downloads at the band's website. Generosity aside, Dirty Projectors are getting their 2010 off to a highfalutin start with grown-up gigs at New York's Lincoln Center and the somewhat less auspiciously named Walt Disney Concert Hall in L.A. with the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

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    Watch the New Motion City Soundtrack Video!

    "Her Words Destroyed My Planet" is the first single and video from (relatively) veteran Minneapolis emo act Motion City Soundtrack's fourth album My Dinosaur Life, and its development is proudly arrested: science fair in a middle-school gym, lyrical testament to growing up because poof-maned lead singer Justin Pierre "sold [his] Xbox to Jimmy down the street," and, of course, an unassailably punchy chorus. But the clip's high point has to be the "Hit Me ... Baby One More Time"-cribbing dance sequence. Schlumpy white dudes + choreography = fun. Ask anyone. WATCH: Motion City Soundtrack, "Her Words Destroyed My Planet"

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    DOWNLOAD: Broken Bells' Debut Single

    After months of rumors and weeks of veiled hints, the mysterious collaboration between the Shins' James Mercer and uberproducer Danger Mouse is starting to see a little clarity. There's even a first single available to download that don't cost nothin'. While the band's site featured loops of ambient instrumental bits, which we could only presume were from their debut album, brokenbells.com now has a full song, leadoff track "The High Road" for no more than the cost of entering an e-mail address. And as the teasers suggested (one of the loops was, in fact, the intro to "The High Road"), the song offers a lot more sonically than the Shins' direct jangle; the music is at least as complex as Mercer's famously hard-to-parse lyrics.

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    New Clip From White Stripes Doc

    It's only been two years since the White Stripes pulled out of their proposed arena tour for Icky Thump, but that seems like forever in Jack White Time-he's released two albums and toured with two different bands since. Fortunately for all, then, that the impending DVD release of Under Great Northern Lights, the documentary chronicling Jack and Meg's quirky 2007 tour and companion 10th anniversary show Under Nova Scotian Lights, serves as a reminder of how all this got started. In fact, a new clip from the latter features a particularly vicious romp through "Let's Shake Hands," the duo's debut single, originally released in March 1998. The best part of the clip isn't just seeing Meg – it wasn't long after this tour that her anxiety issues derailed further White Stripes plans, and she hasn't been in the public eye much since – it's seeing her technique, up close and personal.

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    Hear New Broken Bells Music! Probably!

    As the leader of the Shins, James Mercer kept his cryptic leanings relegated to his lyrics. But for Broken Bells, Mercer's collaboration with Danger Mouse, the mystery's being laid on thick. A visit to the site Berobrknells.com (it's brokenbells with the letters rearranged) brings you to a silhouette of two men, one slight and slender, the other afro'd, could be anyone, really. And playing in the background is one of three instrumental loops, which switches over every time you hit refresh. Excerpts from the forthcoming debut album, hinting at a more production-heavy sound than the Shins' nuanced pop? Seems a fair guess. But thanks to the new air of careful inscrutability, a guess is all we've got.

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    Another Single From Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth' Leaks

    It was over a year ago that we first heard about Lil Wayne's in-the-works rock album, and after countless delays and one pesky gun-charge conviction, the album -- due, finally, supposedly, December 21 -- is showing signs of actually existing. Mere days after the appearance of the Scarface score-biting "On Fire," "Da Da Da" has reared its heavily Auto-Tuned head, and it's pretty much what you had in mind when you heard Weezy was learning guitar and working on a "rock" record. Which is to say, it kinda sounds like Cash Money's own Kevin Rudolph. The single also restores Auto-Tune to its original pre-ubiquitous-gimmick purpose, which is to mask a singer's flaws. Somewhere there's a tape of Lil Wayne's vocal stylings on the verses sans digital manipulation.

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    MYTH No. 6: Emo Oversharers Killed Rock'n'Roll Mystery

    REALITY: Sorta. But Chris Carrabba still has secrets. The Dashboard Confessional leader answers the charges: As much as anyone, you capitalized on the technology of the past decade to cultivate a direct relationship with your fans. But doesn't that sort of availability kill the mystique?As the guy in the band, I don't have any interest in there being a big wall between me and the fans. But on the flip side, I don't want to know everything about the bands I'm a fan of -- I really go for the mythic nature of rock. It's still there with some people. There will be a niche of artists who refuse to partake in the technology. Who do you think has been able to maintain a contemporary career without us knowing everything about them?John Mayer -- I wonder how much of his life we're actually seeing and how much is just him entertaining us.

  • Live Nude* Girls in New York City!

    If you found yourself driven to New York's Bowery Ballroom on Friday night solely by the vaguely Messianic reaction to San Francisco duo Girls' debut, Album, then you could be forgiven if, for much of the evening, you wondered whether you were even in the right building. Certainly the songs were there and performed more or less the way they sound on record, infused with '50s proto-rock and '60s acid-casualty decay.

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    Q&A: Inside the 'New Moon' Soundtrack

    Music supervisor for hit TV shows including Gossip Girl, Grey's Anatomy, and Mad Men -- along with the Twilight movie series -- Alexandra Patsavas has quietly made herself one of the most influential figures in the industry, helping to break new bands and shape the aesthetics of popular drama. With the indie-all-star New Moon soundtrack currently the No. 1 album in the country, Patsavas talked to SPIN.com about how the project came together, what makes for a good soundtrack moment, and which new bands you should watch out for. How you go about something like New Moon, which features original songs from so many artists who don't often appear in projects this high-profile?The work starts as soon as the script is finished and distributed. Chris Weitz, the director, had a very specific point of view about how he wanted the music to feel.

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    WATCH: Britney Spears' New Menage Clip

    Britney Spears isn't meant to be taken so literally. Like, when she coos "Hit Me Baby...One More Time," she doesn't really want you to reel off and clock her. And when she says she's "Toxic," she isn't inferring that an encounter with her will require a call to poison control, although, better safe than sorry. So then, it makes a certain sense that her new single,"3," a paean to the simple joys of having sex with two other people at the same time, would spawn a video in which she cavorts not-all-that-sexily with six male dancers and four female dancers.

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